Manufacturer: Vinci Technologies

Model Number: AVC

The AVC Series core holders are standard triaxial type core holders employed in geomechanics studies. One great advantage of these core holders is the application of independent radial and axial confining pressures; independent axial pressure is applied via a floating distribution plug. The vessels incorporate a pair of acoustic transducers that emit and receive through the core sample, compressional and two plane-polarized shear waves. Triaxial loading ensures a proper, firm surface contact between the transducer and the core end face. Furthermore, the transducers are supported by a rigid rod which can utilized to physically orient them inside the core holder. An inlet and outlet distribution plug enable fluid injection through the core sample. A convenient characteristic of the AVC series core holder is that the sleeve remains inside the core holder; the core is loaded from one end without the need of filling/draining the confining fluid. By releasing the confining radial and axial pressures and unscrewing the end plug, the core sample can easily be removed without exposure to the hydraulic fluid.


Operating pressure rating: 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi
Operating temperature: ambient or up to 150°C
Frequency: 500 KHz
Fitting: NPT, Autoclave or HIP
Core diameter: Customer specified
Core length: Customer specified
Wetted parts: Stainless steel
Sleeve material: Viton
Inlet port: As request
Outlet port: As request

Categories: Special Core Analysis, Core Holders

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