Manufacturer: Vindum Engineering, Inc.

Model Number: MV Fittings (see Part Number Listing)

Vindum Engineering’s line of Hastelloy connectors offer safe and reliable flow distribution of pressures to 12,000 psi (at ambient temperature) and tubing of 1/8” or 1/16” diameter.

Wetted parts of the connectors are made of Hastelloy C276, suitable for a wide variety of applications with corrosive fluids.

Connectors are compatible with Parker Autoclave Engineers 1/8” Speed-Bite™ compression fitting (W125) and BuTech (LPF2/G2 & LPF1/LPF2 ferrules and glands).

Rapid Delivery: most connectors and fittings are in-stock. Custom configurations are available within 4 weeks.

MV-Series Connector & Fittings Applications

  • Oil & gas laboratory research
  • Chemical/petrochemical laboratories
  • Any application with corrosive fluids and/or elevated temperatures

Categories: Hastelloy C276 Manual MV Needle Valves and Fittings

The Vindum Modular Valve System (MVS) is designed to allow fast, easy construction of high pressure fluid flow systems. The MV system is available in a wide variety of configurations for valves, manifolds, and “breadboard style” mounting grids or rail mounting systems.

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The Vindum MV-Series Fittings offer the following features:

  • Hastelloy wetted parts for use with corrosive fluids and brine
  • For use to 12,000 psi
  • Works with A/E 1/8″ or 1/16″Speedbite fittings

Part Numbers and additional details for Vindum MV Fittings are shown in the table below. Click here to Download the PDF Document.

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