Manufacturer: Vindum Engineering, Inc.

Model Number: MV Fittings (see Part Number Listing)

Vindum Engineering’s line of Hastelloy connectors offer safe and reliable flow distribution of pressures to 12,000 psi (at ambient temperature) and tubing of 1/8” or 1/16” diameter.

Wetted parts of the connectors are made of Hastelloy C276, suitable for a wide variety of applications with corrosive fluids.

Connectors are compatible with Parker Autoclave Engineers 1/8” Speed-Bite™ compression fitting (W125) and BuTech (LPF2/G2 & LPF1/LPF2 ferrules and glands).

Rapid Delivery: most connectors and fittings are in-stock. Custom configurations are available within 4 weeks.

MV-Series Connector & Fittings Applications

  • Oil & gas laboratory research
  • Chemical/petrochemical laboratories
  • Any application with corrosive fluids and/or elevated temperatures

Categories: Manual Needle Valves

The Vindum Modular Valve System (MVS) is designed to allow fast, easy construction of high pressure fluid flow systems. The MV system is available in a wide variety of configurations for valves, manifolds, and “breadboard style” mounting grids or rail mounting systems.

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The Vindum MV-Series Fittings offer the following features:

  • Hastelloy wetted parts for use with corrosive fluids and brine
  • For use to 12,000 psi
  • Works with A/E 1/8″ or 1/16″Speedbite fittings

Part Numbers and additional details for Vindum MV Fittings are shown in the table below. Click here to Download the PDF Document.

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